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Welcome to the Spring edition of T-CNews.  The Certification Regime and Code of Code are now fully operational for all Banks, Building Societies and other Relevant Authorised Persons.  Our attention is now turning to the extension of scope of these two aspects and the Senior Managers regime to all other Financial Services Companies.  We know from the FCA to expect a consultation paper during Q2 2017.  We should not sit back and wait for this to arrive.  We should use this time wisely to work out what to expect and how to address the changes that will be necessary.  Articles in this edition and previous editions will help you do this. We have several articles this quarter under our people development category to act as a timely reminder of some of the key elements of T&C and how to ensure that they are effective.

In this Issue

Fitch Learning Adapting firms’ culture to meet the needs of the FCA Certification Regime

Searchlight Insurance Training Some thoughts on Insights Discovery  

Redland Business Solutions Your RFP process….. it’s everything and nothing

Archer Training Fixing meetings with bought leads

Patterson Group AF7, AF8 and beyond

Unicorn Training Can new learning technologies reduce business risk and deliver cultural change?

Baxters Business Consultants Mortgages – the return of subprime lending?

FSTP Aspects of the extending increased accountability regulations across the industry

Credit Services Association Responsible thinking

Editor NEWS

HRComply Creating a culture of compliance for the SMCR

Tony Catt Getting the most out of your approach with CPD  

FSTP One man’s poison is another man’s meat

First Actuarial Why the important financial decisions we take need professional advice

RedTree Training Coaching – an event or an environment?

The Skills Exchange Trump: The real alternate facts

Performance Evaluations Performance planning – for or against?

Clearstep Consulting Ensuring T&C is built-in, not bolted on to your business